Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thurs 24th of Jan: Legare's Movie Club - Macabe And Mrs. Miller

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

Thursday Legare's Community Resource Center (if you haven't heard of it go to the blog. It's the one you're reading right now) will be screening Robert Altman's classic take of the Western genre: Popeye. Nope, just kidding actually the movie in question is MACABE AND MRS. MILLER. 1971. The film stars Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. Ask your parents.

Q: What's it about?
A: The antics of a mining town. Set in olden times. It was a major influence on THERE WILL BE BLOOD (especially the cinematography) and PT Anderson who called it the best film ever (citation needed).

Q: Is it good?
A: Yes
More Descriptive A: Read this review.

Q: How long is it? Is it in Color? Are there Subtitles?
A: 2 hours. Yes. No.

Q: Why don't you show newer movies?
A: You've already seen 'em.

Q: I'm uncultured. Will it be down to my level?
A: No, it will elevate you to it's level.

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