Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Movie Night: Stolen Kisses

So I went to le video store to rent the second in Francis Truffaut's Antoine Dionel series which I thought was "Baise Voles". Turns out that's not the case; there's actually a short called "Antoine et Colette" that is between "Les Quatre Cents Coups" and "Baise Vole". Antoine et Colette" was part of a series of short films about early love called L'Amour à Vingt Ans (Love At Twenty).

So tonight's feature "Baise Voles" ("Stolen Kisses") is actually Antoine Dionel Part III. But I don't think it's in 3-D like most part III's. This follows young Antoine's adventures as a Private Eye, but it's also a love story. Will Antoine be able to solve the mystery of the stolen kisses? I bet Professor Smooches is responsible.

1968 directed by Francis Truffaut 90 minutes color.

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