Thursday, January 17, 2008

Avalon's Low Res Film Festival III Sat. 19th 7pm

Wassuppp ballazzz!!!!!!11 Question Markzzzzz,

This Sat. it's another addition of The Legares Low Resolution Film Festival III or LeLoReFiFe3 for short, or LEGARES LOW RESOLUTION FILM FILM FESTIVAL !!!!!!!!!!!!! for loud.

So bring by your poorly shot amateurish cell phone movies of your tedious, childish escapades and people will feel obligated to take a look at them. It's capital A Art! I've got an amazing entry staring a cup. I call it "A Cup of Joy, An Ocean of Tears" and it's awesome! Although the title's probably longer than than the movie.

This weeks theme is "Don't Force it, it'll come". or DoFoIt,ItCo for short. Please no videos of you on the toilet.

Hey, I just realized something. "Cloverfield" opens this week and it's the first ever low resolution monster movie. It's apt I say, APT!

Hosted by Avalon. Sat 19th, 2008 at 7pm (the one where it's dark) sharp. Only at Legare's.

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Spoilz4realz said...

Boo! LoRes is sooooo 2007. This year it's all about macrame.