Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rogue Hackers take on Scientology

Hello Legare's Bloggers!
Over the past week an online hacker group calling themselves "Anonymous" have been attacking the Church of Scientology in an attempt to shut them down. "Anonymous" has gone so far as to shut down the CoS website, mail letters to all followers world wide, and organized rallies outside the 700 Scientology centers around the globe. Of course, Legare's does not support terrorism, but we do support knowledge. "Anonymous" got quite a bit of media coverage in the beginning of the week, but recently less and less has been leaked. Fortunately, Zach is on top of it, and i will attempt to keep all you Legare's readers posted on the newsbreaks.
The following is a link to a Times article which talks about some issues around Scientology:

These are all the messages that have been leaked to the public, from Anonymous themselves...

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