Thursday, June 5, 2008

J.L. Update.

Jonathan is off to Costa Rica for a bit to inspect various coffee plantations, search for Miracle Fruit and encounter "stuff." Travel updates will be posted as is possible.

Wheat gluten free waffles will continue to be offered on Sunday while J. is away, but the Sunday evening free wine event will be on hold until 6.15.08.

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Jonathan said...

J.L. here, I can´t read the spanish on this computer to and a new posting, ergo I´m adding a post as a "comment" and will resent such as a post when I get to another terminal, here it is: The expedition to Costa Rica is nearing its end. Thus far I´ve discovered what a star fruit tree looks like, eaten soursop/guananbana as large as my head, met Olga the owner of Olga´s Cafe, got punched in the mouth by my surfboard, went diving at 2 sites that translate as "the tits" and "dangerous" (on one dive using my skills as staying calm while running out of air and using Ellie´s back-up regulator to breath, and on the other dive using my skill of puking while breathing through a respirator since I got massively sea sick between dives and during my second ascent), ate so much passion fruit
that my urine turned painfully acidic, and today took a mountain bike through a local rainforest preserve while dodging grey iguanas that darted across the road. Tomorrow I will attempt to further develop my surfing skills and connect with Olga again in an attempt to procure some coffee from her private source to offer at Legare's--stay tuned regarding a future post on Costa Rican coffee procurement.