Saturday, February 2, 2008

This Thursday: Gray Gardens

So you might've heard last Thursday I was MIA for Legare's Movie Night. After I announced Gloria as last week's movie a look of... I would describe it as glassy eyed indifference threatening to spill over into out right hostility came over the audience.
We'll apparently I misread the cultural climate as I can not step outside in this city without someone asking me where I was on Thursday. I had no idea that a) anyone even knew about the existence of film night and b) anyone cared. Now that I'm aware that Film Night is the social event of Thursday I'll be sure to take it more seriously from now on. Let this be my personal Legare-antee that I will never miss any Film Night ever again.

So this week everyone show up for Grey Gardens. It's the classic documentary about two reclusive women who live together in a gothic mansion.

The story was recently the subject of a Broadway Musical.

Directed by the Maysles Brotheres. 1975. 100 min.

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Anonymous said...

Is this related to Grey Garden's The Musical?