Saturday, December 15, 2007

Legare's Low Res Film Festival

From the front lines of history.

It turns out Jonathan's oft mentioned friend Avalon is a good guy and Sat. night he graced us with a night of low resolution cinema. Compiled from friends associates and well wishers.
I remember years ago, before the current digital / video times of ubiquitous recording devices great directors used to actually look forward to the day that filmmaking would be brought down to the level of the common man who they figured (somewhat misguidedly) would do away with the tyranny of convention rather than giving us Chris Crocker and Two Girls, One Cup. I wonder if Francis Ford Coppola passes his nights with youtube and tears.

The theme for tonights festivities was Jonathan's favorite Emerson quote: “Who would be a man must be a nonconformist... nothing is more sacred than the integrity of one's own mind”

I'm sure we've all seen these words hanging in the bathroom and they've provided much inspiration and reassurance in these troubled times as we toil away in our cold meaningless lives.

Tina Rain – untitled
Something like Brakhage-esque Animation(?). It was silent but somewhere a child cried. It reminded me of phosphenes.

Sandy Sampson – Who So Would Be A Man
About a girl Named Who-So with a Hitler mustache.

Laural Kurtz – No title, in several chapters
Some guy's big red face stared down the barrel of whatever low res recording device it was that set it sights upon such a quarry. I think big face was talking about stuff. Staring “Colon and his signature baldness”.
The last chapter we watched several times, it was about a street corner that looked haunted

Cyrus Smith – No title
A color book + crayons and Elvis singing Blue Christmas. The subject of said coloring book was some dude hanging in the gallows. I think Mr. Smith cheated by not using low res media. Unless he thought coloring books count.

Matt McCormick – Texting at the Beach, New Clogs
Indy film sensation Matt McCormick informs us “The woman was non conforming to the beach” by texting to someone (off screen)
some lady (fat) in a rocking chair. There was an absence of rocking. It sounded like it was filmed in a wind tunnel.

Avalon – Light Waves Mind
Our esteemed curator presents the culmination of years of work in LowRes(tm) media.
“I remembered the idea of the self as both relative unique self and the external social self. The mind is like a wave and also the ocean. The wave of the human being undulating at the frequency of life” - Avalon (loose transcript).

Legare's own Robert Burns gives us Roulette
“I have nothing to say about it besides.... it's kind of like some other one.” was Robert's Zen like introduction.
Robert's was all crazy, it was kind of like Tina Rain's one but on a much larger scope. He also produced the shit out of whatever it was he shot. The sound track dwarfed our collective mind.

Sandy Sampson - the integrity of my own mind
She threatened / promised to shoot herself on the toilet but it was all talk. Shot on the canon PowerShot Elph (but I don't think it's the same model as mine. Mine is probably better.) which was a popular choice among the entries.

The night was consummated by group humming accompanied by book flipping.

The next night of Legare's Low Res Cinema will commence Saturday, January 19th.
The theme will be Don't Force It, It Will Come.

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